Rail fastening systems – history


The foundation of Plastwil company by Irena Wałkowska


We started the production of plastic elements for the railway industry: dowels, pads, etc.


We implemented the production of WKW-type electro-insulating hold-down part


We moved the company's headquarters to Wierzbowa Street


We implemented the production of anchors for pre-stressed concrete sleepers and the first projects with PKW electro-insulating hold-down parts


We opened the Metal Machining Department


We modernised our machine park in the Metal Machining Department


We implemented the Plastwil innovation – PKW baseplate pad


We obtained a patent for an innovative PKW sinusoidal sleeper pad


We obtained a patent for the following invention: Cushioning pad, especially a baseplate pad (patent No. 316320) and we received a protection right for the following utility model: Electrico-insulating hold-down part for tracks, especially railway tracks (utility model no.106309)


We modernized the Metal Mechanical Machining Department


We received the award of the Minister of Infrastructure “Meritious for the Railway Industry”


We celebrated the 20th anniversary of Plastwil

We built a new production hall

We implemented an innovative PWE railway pad

For outstanding achievements in conducting business in a European style, we received a special award FEMINA 2003


We began our foreign expansion by selling to Brazil and Saudi Arabia


We implemented the production of SB W1 rail fastenings

We received the Fair Play Enterprise award, a distinction awarded in a national competition organized by the Institute for Research on Democracy and Private Enterprise, promoting ethics in business


The Senate of the Republic of Poland in recognition of the excellent development, unique products of high quality and the support for local civil society awarded us with a Medal on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Plastics Processing Plant


We celebrated the 25th anniversary of Plastwil

We were granted the right of protection for the following utility model: Cushioning pad (utility model no.: 115793)


We were awarded the Silver Cross of Merit by Lech Kaczyński, the President of the Republic of Poland for our contribution to the local community

We received the award of the Piła Chamber of Commerce in the 4th edition of the Stanisław Staszic competition for economic achievements in the past 25 years, economic successes and development dynamics, high quality standards, innovativeness, as well as social activity for the local environment


Succession in the company – Izabella Wałkowska became the President of Plastwil Management Board

We implemented the production of springs for SB and W14 type fastenings

We obtained a patent for the following invention: Cushioning pad (patent No. 387816) and Spring clamp for rail fastening (patent No. 387595)


We expanded our machine park by 11 injection moulding machines with a locking force from 380 to 1,000 tons


For the first time we exhibited at TRAKO International Railway Fair


We carried out projects in Saudi Arabia, Bulgaria, Latvia and Great Britain


We opened a Research and Development Department


We won the first contract for the Pakistan Railways

We carried out projects in Brazil and Slovakia

We modernized the anchor processing technology centre and expanded the plant by two new production halls with a total surface area of 3,000 m2


We gained 25% share of the rail fastenings market in Poland

We received the Forbes Diamonds 2015 award in the ranking of the fastest growing companies in terms of value with the revenues from PLN 50 to 250 million; we ranked 1st in Greater Poland and 16th in Poland

We were received the Cheetah of Business award in the 9th edition of the National Business Cheetah Competition of the Institute of Modern Business and the Entrepreneurs' Magazine "The European Company"


We carried out projects in Mexico, Pakistan, the Netherlands and Estonia

We won the Icebreakers 2017 award in the competition for socially sensitive employers


We celebrated the 35th anniversary of the Company

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