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Plastwil has been a leading manufacturer of the rail surface elements especially the elements of rail – sleeper assembly for more than 35 years.
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Our products provide the best resistance to the load, the highest damping coefficients, the highest quality and economical efficiency of the use.
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Plastwil has been a leading manufacturer of the rail surface elements especially the elements of rail – sleeper assembly for more than 35 years. The primary objective, that for many years we keep on successfully fulfill, is to build a brand which is a symbol of high quality, with guaranteed durability and safety.

Many years of tradition combined with the innovation and individual approach to the customer makes that the new project is treated as a dedicated service.

Products ans solutions

Adaptation of the processes and products to the highest European and world standards allows the company to pursue highly professional and ambitious technological projects, while respecting and ensuring the highest quality parameters.

All of the products have required certificates of approval to operation in accordance with the requirements of the European law.

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The rail fastening system of SB W3 type
The rail fastening system of SB W3-type is a next modification of SB-type rail fastening system, where all of the rail mounting elements are designed and produced by Plastwil.
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The fastening system of W14 type
The rail fastening system W14 type is designed for railway lines representing the A, B, C and D category according to PN-EN 13481-2:2017 norm with a maximum permissible axle load of 260kN.
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The rail fastening system of ME1/2 type
The fastening system type ME1/2 used to fix rail profile 60E1/49E1/54UIC, to ensure the required track gauge and rail clamping force, as well as to avoid rail dislocation with respect to the sleepers.

Plastwil worldwide

We have successfully developed our portfolio of products, and thereby we have become a reliable and trustworthy partner for domestic and foreign customers.

Commercial acitivity
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We are proud that the knowledge and experience we have gained allowed us to become a recommended supplier for leading contractors and cooperators in the railway industry.


We are a part of the dynamically changing railway industry market. We are where something important is happening and we do what is our passion.

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