Prestressed concrete sleeper PS -83/SB/1435/60E1(UIC60) and 49E1(S49)

Prestressed concrete sleeper PS-94/SB/1435/60E1(UIC60) and 49E1(S49)

The PS-94 prestressed concrete sleeper is intended for use on main railway lines on ballast, with an axle load of up to 22,5 t and a speed of up to 250 km/h. It is adapted to track gauge of 1435 mm with the use of a spring clip for the SB type sleeper.

Prestressed concrete sleeper is a support in the form of a prestressed concrete beam, designed for rail tracks, used to transfer loads from rails to ballast and maintaining proper position of rails relative to each other. The PS-94 sleepers can be used interchangeably on the railway track using 60E1 (UIC60) or 49E1 (S49) type rails without restrictions. Basic use – tracks class 0 and 1.

Technical data:
  • Concrete class – C 50/60
  • Sleeper weight - 310 kg
  • SB type fastening
  • Water absorption: max. 5%
  • Frost resistance: F125
  • Compressive strength: min. 60 MPa
  • Rail crossfall: 1:40
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